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It is Pangere's honesty, integrity and pride in its qualities that sets your company apart from the competition. The one attribute that truly sets Pangere apart from the competition is the actions and behavior of your team that helps brand Pangere as a straight forward, fair, and trustworthy corporation.
        - Brad Hebert, Reliability Practitioner, ArcelorMittal, Burns Harbor, Indiana

Congratulations to Jim Vermillion and your team on the Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) designation by the American Hospital Association Certification Center.  We sincerely appreciate the expertise and quality The Pangere Corporation brings to our healthcare system working together successfully on so many projects.     
        - Janice L. Ryba, CEO, St. Mary Medical Center

I thought I would drop you a note about an audit that was performed recently.  The analysts were auditing a job being performed by the Pangere Corporation in the Sinter Plant.  This job consisted of erecting steel for a maintenance garage.  Our audits consist of 8 categories, and one of those is safety.  They use a scale of 1-5 to grade the observations for each category. Scoring 5 is a rarity.  On this audit, The Pangere Crew performing the work received a 5.  The observation reported that they worked very safely, maintained their tie-offs the entire time, and were performing the work at a high level.  I just wanted to say thank you for this performance and congratulations for your achievement.  Working with companies like yours is a pleasure.
        - John Higgins, Global Contract Manager, Materials Management, United States Steel

I have nothing but good things to say about Pangere.  It is a pleasure having your company work at Community Hospital.
        - Marlene Madrigal RN, BSN, Infection Prevention Coordinator, Community Hospital

LTV Steel would like to take this opportunity to commend The Pangere Corporation for your contribution in the successful rehabilitation and re-commissioning of the No. 2 Basic Oxygen Furnace at the Indiana Harbor Works.
An early morning explosion occurred within the furnace which caused severe damage.  Together with LTV craft and maintenance personnel, Pangere Corp. demonstrated that a very aggressive work schedule can be achieved.  Even though the working conditions were adverse, your crews followed sound safety practices and provided quality workmanship, which resulted in a problem free re-start of the No. 2 Furnace.
        - Dale Heinz, Division Manager, Primary Operations, Indiana Harbor Works

I wanted to pass on a Job Well Done to The Pangere Corporation for the safe and successful replacement of five crane runway girders in the BOF Charge Aisle during the Steel Producing outage.  The project was completed nearly twenty hours ahead of schedule.  The challenge of performing a job of this size with the limited time frame available in that department requires determination and a professional attitude, both of which were evident from start to finish.       
        - Michael Mahaffey, Manager-Maintenance Administration, ArcelorMittal

I called Scott Fritz on Friday morning at 7:00am, Scott Fritz and Ryan Boersma were on site by 8:00am, and their crew was on site by noon to start repairs to crane 604 due to a crash.  Your group worked around the clock and finished up a little early  which is always good.  All paperwork was completed correctly and on time, the area was all cleaned up like you were never there.  No safety issues, no accidents, A JOB WELL DONE AGAIN.
         - Timothy Palmer, Central Crane Repair, ArcelorMittal

It is with my pleasure that I recommend The Pangere Corporation.  We recently completed the construction of the new Construction Advancement Foundation Safety Building in Portage, Indiana with Pangere as the General Contractor and enjoyed working with them.  The project was completed on time and with no major complications.  
        - Daniel R. Szany, President, Carras-Szany-Kuhn & Associates, P.C., Architects

This is just a note to tell you THANKS for the excellent job that Pangere performed on erecting our building here at the Dubuque Station.  I could not be happier with how the building turned out.  The quality is Top Notch!  You did the job without any accidents or problems.  It is guys like you that make our jobs so much easier! 
        - Matt Basten, E&MEL, BP Pipelines & Logistics

I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your organization for building a wonderful new plant for MPE Inc.  The wash plant/warehouse came out better than we could have hoped for, it is perfect for our needs.  I would like to offer a recommendation to any of your future customers that I would use Pangere for our future buildings.    
        - Mike Miller, CEO MPE Inc., Code Red Safety

I am writing to congratulate The Pangere Corporation on the recent success of the Towle Community Theatre in Hammond, Indiana.  We have designed over 40 performing arts facilities and have rarely encountered a General Contractor that made the construction process as rewarding as Pangere has done on this project.
Based on our experience on similar projects, we originally proposed a schedule that was 30% longer than the time needed by Pangere to accomplish the construction.  The project required agility, creativity, discipline, and patience from Pangere.  Your ability to identify and solve problems while maintaining equilibrium and focus has contributed greatly to the success of the project.
        - John Morris, A1A, Morris Architects & Planners

This was our first experience with the Pangere Corporation on a large scale project, and we were very pleased.  The quality of their workmanship was excellent, they completed the Football Stadium in a timely manner and they were under budget.  
I was quite impressed with their professionalism, their work ethic and their commitment to the job.  I would highly recommend The Pangere Corporation without hesitation.
        - William J. Pfister, (retired) Superintendent of Schools, Munster, Indiana